About US

Our Vision & Mission

Shiva Shakti Foundation Trust Is A Non-Profit Organization Committed To:


  • Carry Out Special Innovative Network Prospects.
  • Societies As Consultant Of Financial And Leagal Services.
  • Help To Create Responsible And Hard Working Human Resources For Nation
  • And Other Actives According To Need Of The Requirement In Future.
As a donor to the Shiva Shakti Foundation Trust, I have been consistently impressed by their transparency, accountability, and impact. The trust's commitment to financial integrity and efficient utilization of resources is commendable.
Dr. Amandip Gupta
The Shiva Shakti Foundation Trust is a ray of hope for countless women who have experienced domestic violence. After escaping an abusive relationship, I found solace and support through the trust's counseling and rehabilitation programs.
Maya Singh
I am incredibly grateful to the Shiva Shakti Foundation Trust for their unwavering dedication and support in providing education to underprivileged children. Their commitment to transforming lives through education is truly inspiring.
Dr. Rajesh Gupta